More than fifty years of experience has taught us how to evaluate a job and choose the most reliable and durable materials. We adhere to your specifications, but we will also recommend alternative materials where appropriate. Saving our clients’ money and being energy efficient is our objective.

Holian Insulation Company, Inc. offers a wide variety of mechanical and industrial insulation applications. Our work is installed by Certified Union Insulators. All of our staff have completed a five year Certified Apprenticeship Program, worked under a fully qualified mechanic and completed classroom instruction.

Holian Insulation services may include:

  • Thermal insulation on piping
  • Fitting covers
  • Ductwork boards and wraps
  • Equipment, tanks, vessels in commercial heating
  • Ventilating systems
  • Chilled water cooling systems
  • Heating water systems
  • Plumbing systems